Danish firemen complaining about Muslim immigrants attacking them

“The chairman of the Danish union for fire fighters, Jesper Bronée, is sounding the alarm: ‘we are attacked with stones and beaten’.

Firefighters work to save lives and buildings when disaster occurs, but today it is at the risk of their own lives and health. Not because of the flames, but because they are assaulted while performing their vital functions in society.

Stone throwing, ambushes and petrol bombs are part of the daily routine when firefighters work in neighborhoods dominated by immigrants.

‘It is a frightening and disastrous development that we are experiencing, particularly in areas such as Vollsmose Tingbjerg and Gellerup (Muslim ghettos). For firefighters, it is an unnecessarily stressful factor that could ultimately cost lives,’ says Bronée, to Den Korte Avis.”

Source: Den Korte Avis

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4 Responses to Danish firemen complaining about Muslim immigrants attacking them

  1. 0jr@zerojr.com says:

    let it burn the zionist dane jew as lickers opposed white Hungarians all the time now they got what they deserve

  2. 0jr@zerojr.org says:

    Black-On-White Crime: If You Want To Get To Grips With Hatefacts, You Need To Understand The Hatenumbers


  3. Chase says:

    If they don’t want you there, don’t go. Obviously they don’t want the help if their house is on fire or they need medical attention. This is of thei own choosing.

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