Danish woman beaten for saying no to a Somali

“A 29-year-old woman from Kolding, Denmark, got an unpleasant experience when she came walking along Kongebrogade by Skamlingvejen in Kolding Sunday night, at 5:30. Behind her was a man who called her and wanted her phone number. She tried to ignore the man and his recurring flirtatious attempts. This made the man angry and he ran to her, kicked her to the ground and kicked and beat her. Then he got up and walked away. The man is described as about 180 centimeters tall, Somali and with curly black hair.”

Source: Lokalavisen – Flirting Somalian beat up woman 

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4 Responses to Danish woman beaten for saying no to a Somali

  1. barry mccleskey says:

    Where is the anger? There should be a large meeting in the town centre!

  2. tondor13 says:

    If governments and pc do-gooders encourage shit to stay in their lands at the tax payers expense then shit is what they will get.
    I make no apologies for my choice of words as I firmly believe that apologies should come from the half wits who invited them in in the first place. Plus compensation.

  3. Rabbitnexus says:

    Yes well Tondor if your governments were not making their homelands hell on earth, they’d not be headed over here.

    • tondor13 says:

      What are you rabbiting on about Rabbit, my country is getting overrun with the third world crap, and just like your country (which ever that is) the government puppets and their puppet masters are responsible for it. So get a grip of reality and stop passing the buck.

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