Black intruders beat white woman to death and set her on fire, say they hate white people

Three Escambia County residents  have been arrested  in connection with the March 31 homicide of Melinda McCormick.

Anthony Lamar Pressley, 26, Kiesha LeShay Pugh, 28, and Gregory Edward Williams, 21, were each charged with homicide and robbery. All three were booked into the Escambia County Jail without bond.

The body of a 33-year old white female, Melinda McCormick, was found shortly after 2:00 am Sunday, March 31 in a burning apartment at the Melei Apartments in the 3000 block of Mobile Highway.

Source & full story: North

Deputies say an autopsy shows McCormick was hit 40 times with a hammer, lead pipe and crow bar.  She was still alive when her bed sheets were set on fire, according to the State Fire Marshal’s Office. They were caught on video (see below) headed to and away from the area of the apartment.

Williams reportedly told investigators that he hated white people, and that was a partial reason for the crime.The trio allegedly planned to steal Social Security money from McCormick. Officials said arson charges may also be added against the men.

Source & full story: North

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5 Responses to Black intruders beat white woman to death and set her on fire, say they hate white people

  1. civil rights apostate says:

    If you don’t yet realize that blacks are, for the most part, violent, cruel, and fiendish, this should serve as final proof. Marcia Trimble, Stephanie Hummer, Tiffany Long, Christina Leann Neal, Wichita, the Griffin Siblings, Emily Clemmons, the Harvey family, Knoxville, Emily Haddock, Esme Kenney, Elin Krantz, Eva Helgetun, The Potgeiter family, etcetera etcetera etcetera, all are proofs of this. If we could talk to any of these people now, would they say blacks are equal to whites? I bet many wouldn’t even be sure whether blacks were men, beasts, aliens, or devils. Yes, they are a few nice black people out there, but at best they are Cushites (who will someday be slain by God’s sword), and at worst they are space aliens or somethings strange like that.

  2. anon334 says:

    It says the white girl was dating one of the blacks before she died. Another case of a black boyfriend killing his white GF

  3. Blackguy says:

    You are racist idiots. White people have committed way worse crimes than this. Look at rape crimes majority are white men raping little kids or their own nieces nephews or even daughters but I guess that’s not considered a crime since white people use to marry their cousins to keep their bloodline pure. Black people aren’t the only mean people in America you two are prolly just scared of black people so you comment racist things on stuff like this and leave your house scared to death of every black guy you see then come home and write a racist blog about it and feel better about yourself. Ignorant people like you two keep racism alive so be proud of that. I can name you 3 white people that committed a sick and disturbing crime for every 1 black person. And don’t bring gods name into your racism it just makes you sound more unintelligent than you already appear. Read your bible clowns.

    • Feel free to cite your source that says whites commit disproportionately more rapes than blacks.

    • civil rights apostate says:

      Sorry i suggested blacks were aliens. But Blackguy is wrong. Blacks rape proportionately more than whites, and in Africa they dismember their girls so they can’t enjoy marital relations–we never do that, and the only time we did that EVER was for mentally handicapped women and prostitutes. I am a white man from a white country and a white neighborhood and a big white family and I don’t know anyone who is incestial or a pedophile, or has been abused in that way. Cousin marriage is not wrong as long as the cousins both truly love and respect each other, and Abraham–who was Caucasoid if not quite white– preffered cousin marriage for his son over interracial marriage. We hear more of whites committing rape because it is ok to talk about it–it’s not “racist” Blacks are 12% in the US, commit 32% of rape and 50% percent of murder there. Ten of those fourteen crimes I mentioned involved at least one of the victims getting raped or at least sexually assaulted. White and hispanic crimes are lumped, so that makes us look worse. And by the way, the verse I quoted was Zephaniah 2:12. I do read my bible.

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