Let’s all start talking openly about the racial bullying of white schoolchildren #WeAreAllAaronDugmore

Recently this video surfaced on the internet showing two “Asians” racially taunting and bullying two indigenous English schoolboys in Newcastle, England. They use racial slurs such as “white bastards” and assault, humiliate and intimidate the indigenous boys. This video has surfaced just weeks after a nine year-old indigenous English boy by the name of Aaron Dugmore committed suicide in his native Birmingham after being racially taunted by “Asians” who told him “my dad says all white people should be dead”. This is the reality of modern, multicultural England. Just try to process this. White people, the native people of England, are being bullied at school for being white – in their own country.

These are hate crimes, being inflicted upon an indigenous population by a colonising force, designed to terrorise, humiliate and subdue the native people, and yet the so-called “anti-racist” people say NOTHING about this. The only time they talk about this is when people like myself talk about it, then they criticise us for “exploiting” it for “our agenda”. If they talked about anti-white racist attacks as much as they talked about other racist attacks, then people like me wouldn’t NEED to talk about it.

The Newcastle video, and the suicide of Aaron Dugmore, are simply two recent examples. On violenceagainstwhites I have documented a string of bullying of white schoolkids across Europe, North America and Australia. Below I list some more examples; please share this information with anyone you know who is still awake:

“Asians” tell Aaron Dugmore “my dad says all white people should be dead”
“Asians” bully white boys in Newcastle, calling them “white bastards”
Shanni Naylor slashed in the face by Somali classmate
Muslim gangs terrorising white schoolchildren in Bradford
Nicholas Markham beaten by Muslim gang outside school exam in Oldham
Muslim gang “Asian Invasion” bash Henry Webster with a hammer on school grounds
Asian Gang beat white Blackburn College student because of his long hair

North America:
#MyTramExperience in Oklahoma: Racist blacks picking on white girl
Black/Latino Pack Attack on white girl Jaden Sanders
White 12 year-old Bailey O’Neill beaten to death by blacks in Philadelphia
Beat Up A White Kid Day
Jena Six brutally assault white boy Justin Baker – and black civil rights leaders descend on the town complaining about white racism!
Black students encouraged to beat a piñata painted like a white woman
My Tram Experience: Florida
Michael Brewer: another white boy immolated by blacks
“You get what you deserve, white boy”: Endemic anti-white racism in Kansas City high school culminates in white boy being set on fire by blacks
White Canadian boy Mitchell Wilson bullied to death by blacks

Mainland Europe:
Native German schoolboys beaten by Muslims on their birthday, jealous that Germans get presents
Muslim gangs taking over German schools and terrorising remaining Germans
Muslim gangs racially bullying “shit Germans” / religiously bullying “shit Christians” in German schools
Swiss schoolboy bullied by Muslim immigrants for not converting to Islam

White schoolboy beaten by a mob of Muslims because he was eating during Ramadan

Liberals always respond “there are white bullies who bully whites too”; and yes there are. So why import more? Is there a skills shortage in the bullying industry?

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