Response to haters on “Outlaw Vern” Django Unchained comments

Alright, fuck wordpress. I spent ages screenshotting, cropping, and pasting what I’m replying to here, and now they’ve just vanished with no explanation. I’m not doing it all over again, not tonight anyway. Go here.

“Links to a racist website”.
Define “racist”, why it’s wrong, and how my website fits that definition.

“complete with a “Today In White History” sidebar”
Oh, so it’s racist to celebrate your racial history? interesting. What do you blacks do every February? Oh yeah, CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY.  There’s nothing wrong with blacks celebrating their history, but it’s “racist” if whites do exactly the same thing?

“and Jew blaming in point #2?”
What’s what’s wrong with blaming Jews if Jews are to blame? You guys blame whites for slavery, is that racist? Jews were involved in slavery, go and look it up. How can it be “racist” if it’s the truth? The truth is racist. You’ve proved my point entirely. “If anyone says anything was run by Jews, they’re dismissed as a crazy anti-Semite regardless of whether or not it’s true”. Thanks for proving me right. You’ve not disputed whether or not the facts are accurate, you’ve merely squealed about how “racist” they are. ARE THEY TRUE OR FALSE?

Re: The differences between slavery in America and slavery in Africa (or, as you euphemistically try to whitewash it, “indigenous African servitude systems”):
You’ve totally missed the point. I have not suggested that “indigenous African servitude systems” were the same as chattel slavery in America. What I have said was that the slaves that were bought and sold at the African slave markets were not enslaved by white people. Seriously, how do you think those slaves got to the market? Do you think white people got off the slave-ships and went into the heartland of Africa and put chains on free Africans and dragged them back to the port? They were already enslaved before the slave-ships docked. They were enslaved by Arab Muslims. So your “indigenous African servitude systems”, however nice they may have been, are irrelevant.

I invite you to show me which part of this website is white supremacist. I just don’t see it. Unless you think “white supremacism” is any white person standing up for themselves. If this was a website about “violence against blacks”, would you call it “black supremacist”? What is “white supremacism” anyway? It seems like every country where white people are a majority always turns out propserous, free and stable. Non-whites are queuing up to get into white countries. Maybe white supremacy is a good thing, whatever it is?

So what if it’s a “racist website”, what’s your point? IS THE INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE TRUE OR FALSE? People keep saying “zohmigodit’saracistwebsite” like they’re a vampire who’s just seen a crucifix. What’s your point in saying that, is that supposed to mean “it’s wrong”? I don’t get it. No one’s challenged the content of the website, they’ve just said “it’s racist” as if that is supposed to make people stop reading it. You might as well go to a website about animals and say “it’s speciesist!”. If my website is racist because it’s about a particular race being attacked, what’s your point?

I also enjoy seeing how open-minded and tolerant these people are. “It ain’t welcome here“. Says who, you? Are you in charge? Why are your views welcome, but dissenting views aren’t? The Tea Party, honestly? The Tea Party are racist? You must be living on another planet, how many times have the Tea Party fallen over themselves to emphasise their “diversity”? The Tea Party care about money and “freedom” and tax. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. So what, it’s racist to want lower taxes? Get a fucking grip. They’re just Libertarians.

“Thanks for posting to a more reasonable and factual website” WITH THE SAME FACTS. Ever heard of Ad Hominem?

For the second time, I did not compare “integrated indentured slaves” in Africa to “Chattel Slaves” in America. You’re the one who is trying to twist the argument to that. That’s called a Straw Man argument, where you construct an argument that your opponent didn’t actually make and then argue against it, ignoring their original argument. And it makes you the total fucking idiot. Wake Up!

Whites and Jews purchased black slaves at coastal slave-markets. I ask you again, how did the black slaves get to the coastal slave-markets? Who put the chains on them in the first place? How were they there for whites and Jews to buy? IF WHITE PEOPLE BOUGHT THEM, WHO SOLD THEM?

Define “racist”.
Define “white supremacist”.
Now tell why what part of the website isn’t correct.
“Racist” =/= “wrong”.

Fuckin’ hell, they link to STORMFRONT AND THE BNP! ZOMG!
“This website links to Stormfront and the BNP. I don’t like Stormfront and the BNP. Therefore the information on the website must not be true”. Guilt By Association much? So fucking what if I link to Stormfront and the BNP, what’s your point? You do realise the “racists” have all left the BNP because it’s become too multicultural? Honestly, I wonder what planet these people are living on. The BNP can hardly be described as anything close to a “white supremacist” party. I invite anyone to go to and find me the white supremacism.

All I got from this is “violenceagainstwhites is a racist and/or white supremacist site, because it has a link celebrating white history, and has a link down the side to Stormfront and the BNP”. So it’s Guilt By Association and Ad Hominem. At no point did I see anybody actually address the specific content of any articles here. Other than one person who made a Straw Man argument out of them.

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  1. lre says:

    I like stormfront .

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