“Anti-racist” Race-mixer gets trolled on Tumblr and reveals her true colours

You can troll her yourself here:


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5 Responses to “Anti-racist” Race-mixer gets trolled on Tumblr and reveals her true colours

  1. I have yet to meet a young White woman, (or an older one for that matter) who can honestly say that she has ever looked in the mirror and thought ” I wish I was dark, instead I’m White. Why couldn’t I have been ‘mixed’. Why did you make me White, God ? Why ? ”

    The true hypocyte in this story is the female Anti-White.
    This is where she should have remembered the Words of Jesus “Do unto others as you would be done by” or my paraphrase ‘Treat others as you would want to be treated’.
    Her daughters won’t inherit her beauty and for the sake of satifying her carnal lusts she is prepared to inflict upon another person something she has never wished upon her self.

    I also note that the Black isn’t interested in dating a ‘mixed’ Brown girl like what his daughters to a White woman would look like. He finds White woman beautiful but is willing to destroy that beauty forever for his own carnal lusts. To willfully destroy what you know to be beautiful is the definition of evil.

  2. Ray says:

    race mixing is WRONG. once you go black..you can’t go back bitches..

  3. civil rights apostate says:

    You can tell the ugly nature of anti-racism here. I’m the only person I know who opposes multiculturalism integration and diversity. I made a paper of photos and names of white murder victims of blacks, and no one listened. Kepp fighting multiculturalism.

    • Mijah says:

      Stop. Diversity is here to stay. It’s healthy for everyone. Who the fuck cares about white murder victims of blacks? White murder whites every. single. day. In fact, whites have a higher rate of killing other whites than black people do. Give it a rest, that argument is now invalid.

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