Fresh Muslim Pack Attack in Rochdale

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Seven Muslim Scum Bag Taxi Drivers Attack Lad On Way Home.

This is a picture of a 17 years old jumped on by 7 Muslim taxi drivers on saturday night. He was walking home from a house party in rochdale they all jumped out of taxis with metal bars and baseball bats and started beating the shit out of him and the police are not classing this as a racist attack, because they stole his phone and smashed it they are calling it theft. If you live in Rochdale please do not use Joe baxis, streamline or minrow taxis these as the ones guilty of this horrendous crime that has left a young lad scarred for life..

If seven white lads had jumped out of their cars and beat up on a Muslim and stole his phone, it would be classed as a racist attack, but because it’s the other way round, it’s NOT a racist attack. The police in this country make me sick.

The taxi firm is JOE BAXIS in Rochdale. These Muslim scum need to be brought to justice and quick. First it’s Muslim rapist in Rochdale, and now it’s violent attacks by Muslims.

This lad could have been dead and it’s lucky he’s not. I would hope that some one will organise a flash demo outside Joe Baxis taxis and show support for this lad.

Civil war is coming and make no mistake, this sort of thing is happening way to much, and nothing is being done by the police to stop it..

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UPDATE: A single local newspaper has “reported” on this story,  totally whitewashing the racial nature of the event, of course.

One hurt, three arrested after street brawl in Rochdale

Katie Storey May 22, 2012

Police were called to a street brawl in Milnrow Road in the early hours of Saturday. Officers attended and discovered two groups fighting.

The violence escalated after witnesses reported groups of youths armed with weapons causing damage to passing vehicles.

A 17-year-old boy was taken to hospital and received four stitches to a head injury. He has since been discharged from hospital.

Three men who were arrested on suspicion of assault were later released without charge.

Detective Constable Russell Clarke said: “It appears that a number of youths had been causing damage to a passing taxi or taxis, and the situation has then escalated and resulted in an unseemly brawl in the street. “

An investigation to establish exactly what happened and who is responsible is underway.

“If anyone witnessed the incident or has any information I would urge them to get in touch.”

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One Response to Fresh Muslim Pack Attack in Rochdale

  1. johnny ringo aka fast eddie says:

    Terror should be fought with a bigger terror.

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